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Friday Update: 5/30/14

Friday was a day of showers. The showers were intermittent and spotty. It had rained downtown earlier in the day as evidenced by the huge puddle. Rain or not, Search & Rescue has a reputation for always being downtown on Friday night. We got set up quickly and people got food, drinks and cookies.










As I sang the second praise and worship song, a few raindrops started to splash on my head and the table next to me. We stopped the music for a while but the shower quickly passed and as soon as it did, I started singing again.

The people were spread out as they listened to Jerred preach.

He focused on some things that stop our prayers from being answered like unforgiveness.

During his message Jerred asked me to read some Bible passages for him.

As Jerred gave the altar call, there were still people coming up the food truck to get food. Jerred passed out Bibles to anyone who wanted one at the end. The back of the truck was opened for people to get clothing, socks, and toiletries. While that was happening, Jerred prayed for a few people.

A lady came up to me and told me that Jerred’s message was just what she needed to hear. She had been praying to find out what was going wrong in her life and as she sat there listening she received the answer. I prayed with her and she left encouraged.

As the sun went down, people began to wander off to the places that they stay. We packed up our tables and equipment and found that the food containers were empty. That made it a short night but a powerful one.


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Friday Update: 5/23/14

Friday night was a bustle of activity as always. A church group came downtown to help at the feeding. They brought and set up a stage truck and their youth sang praise and worship from it. It took a little time to get everything set up.

People got drinks and visited with us as they waited for us to start serving food.

It wasn’t long before Jerred prayed to bless the food. Everyone headed down to the food truck to get a bowl of Chicken Stew.

There is still a line at the window of the Food Truck and some of these people are getting their second or third bowl.

The man at the window asked for more crackers.

Meanwhile, these youth are singing songs of praise and worship. When they finished, Jerred started to preach.

Jerred read from the Bible and showed the people how it is of utmost importance to believe and then speak.

As his message drew to a close, Jerred had everyone repeat a prayer after him. After that he sent people from our team around to pray with people.

While that was happening, the back of the food truck was opened up for people to get clothing, shoes and toiletries. The line at the back of the truck seemed endless but no one walked away empty-handed.

People continued to mingle and one on one ministry was taking place. Then as the sun was setting and the sky was growing dimmer, an announcement was made that the church group had brought groceries for people to take away with them. Everyone that wanted it took away a bag of groceries.

We packed up our things and walked around the area to pick up trash before we headed down the street to the C-store.

We fed five or six people at the C-store before we left. Our next stop was the greyhound bus station. There were a handful of people in the lobby and a few of them came out to get some food. One young woman came out and Kristy and I spoke with her. She was leaving town after losing several friends to violent deaths. Kristy and I prayed with her and encouraged her. As Kristy and I were walking back to the truck a man walked up for a bowl of food. We asked him if he would like us to pray with him. He agreed to let us pray with him for strength to resist alcohol.

We drove by the city bus station where we fed two people and quickly moved on. Next we went under a bridge where one man was staying. He asked for two bowls of food which we happily provided. Mary and Steve prayed with him.

On our way to the next destination, we had an impromptu stop at the jail. There were two young men outside the jail waiting for their rides. They were both hungry and very thankful for a bowl of food and their freedom. We continued to the Day Center for the Homeless; several people came out and received food, drink, and prayer.

The next place we went was to a bar on the outskirts of downtown. The bar was closed because the bartender was in need of medical attention for a spider bite. We gave one bowl of food to the man who told us about the bartender and then got on our way.

We went by the city bus station again and this time there were a bunch of people. We got to serve some food, give away some clothes, and pray with some people there.

The last stop of the night was at a bar in downtown. About half a dozen people came out from the bar to get food and then people from the apartments above the bar started coming down to get food. It didn’t take much time to empty our food container. We drove home with completely empty food and drink containers and only a little ice left. All in all: a great night!

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Friday Update: 5/16/14

Friday morning started out with a mechanic arriving to replace the starter in the food truck. It didn’t take him very long to finish the job. When all of the food, drinks and equipment were loaded onto the truck and we got ready to go, the truck fired right up!

I took a picture while we were driving down the road. The truck is packed with clothes, pillows and all sorts of goodies to give away downtown.

This is a view of our spot as we approach, we can see people waiting for us to get there.

It took us a little time to get everything set up. While the sound was getting connected, we served cold lemonade and water at a table at the back of the truck. When all of the kinks were worked out of the sound, Jerred went to a high spot to pray over the food and start the night.

Here some of the people are looking at Jerred as he prays and others are bowing their heads.

After the prayer a line quickly formed at the window of the food truck and people started eating.

As the praise and worship was going on, some people were eating. This man walked up to Jerred and asked him to pray for him. He was having a problem with anger and desperately wanted to change.

After praise and worship Jerred said a few words and then introduced Kevin to give his testimony to the people. Kevin told about a less than ideal childhood that turned into a life of drugs. Eventually, Kevin started to manufacture the drugs. He was caught and prosecuted. He spent his fortieth birthday in prison. Even though he was in prison and the future didn’t look bright, he came into a relationship with Jesus Christ. He is a completely different man than the one who went into prison. Glory!

When Kevin was done giving his testimony, Jerred asked Jose to share his testimony with the people.

Jose told about being a drug dealer. He told about the revenge he used to take on child molesters. He told about how if anyone told on him, he would sew their lips together with fishing line. Jose got arrested and went to court. His bail was set in the millions. When his bail was one million, the head of his gang in Texas was ready to send $100,000 bond. If that had happened, Jose would have disappeared into Mexico. He was and sentenced to spend time in prison, it appeared that it would be the rest of his natural life. While Jose was in prison, he quickly rose to a position of power and respect(or maybe fear.) He looked out for other Mexicans but he also demanded that they do what he told them and do it when he told them. After he had been in prison for a while, he was approached with an offer to kill someone for money. He agreed and set forth his terms. This plan was found out and Jose was sent into confinement. He was alone with no human contact for six months. It was during that time that Jose gave his life the Lord. At this point he was in a position to have more time added to his sentence. There was talk of moving him to Colorado. One day, he was called to the warden and he thought he was going to Colorado but he was being released. Now he goes to bars and other bikers (Mongols, Hells Angels, etc..) to tell them about God.

The anointing was there to set people free from bondage. Several people were prayed for following the testimonies.

As always we opened the back of the truck at the end to give away clothing, sheets and pillows. People don’t just come to the Friday Feeding and hear that God loves them. They get fed and some of their physical needs taken care of.

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Friday Update: 5/9/14

It started out like every other Friday. There was food to cook, a food truck to clean and stock, and food and drink containers to be filled up and loaded. The day proceeded on schedule. At 5:35 everything was loaded on the food truck and we were all ready to go downtown. That is when we had a problem. The food truck wouldn’t start. It seems the starter was worn out. No matter how the guys tried to coax it or what mechanical tricks they tried, it just would not work. After twenty five minutes of trying to start the food truck, we decided to load all of the food, drinks, and serving materials into the cargo van. By ten minutes after six, we were on the road, headed downtown.

We arrived downtown late because of the problem with the food truck, but we got everything set up quickly. Jerred prayed over the food and a line instantly formed at the table that was set up by the side doors of the cargo van.

All of these people were waiting for us because they knew that we might be late but we would never be a “no show.”

As I sang songs of praise and worship to God, I watched the people walking around. I have spoken to some of them and know their stories.

I am blessed to serve a God that cares if these people eat.

Jerred began to preach, and the people stayed to listen. He talked about the love of God.

As Jerred continued his message, the sun started to descend in the western sky. As Jerred closed, he sent members of the team out to pray with the people.

Since we had brought out the cargo van instead of the food truck, there wasn’t room to bring any clothing. We still had food left so we packed all of the things into the cargo van and went up to the C-store for bathroom breaks and fuel. While we were there we fed one man.

From there we went to the Greyhound bus station. There were only a half dozen people there so it wasn’t long before we were back on the road to the Day Center.

At the Day Center, Jerred went inside to make an announcement and several people came out to get food and drinks. One woman named Misty ate her food while sitting on the steps and Esther and Lydia ministered to her.

Corey and Steve are praying for healing for this man. He didn’t come out to get food, he just wanted a phone number. He mentioned in passing about his chemotherapy and that was all the open door necessary to interject God’s power into his life. As the people that had come out of the Day Center went back inside there were some guys walking by. We asked them if they were hungry; they were. They each ate two bowls of food and thanked us over and over.

The next place we went was to a bar on the outskirts of downtown. There were two people there and we fed them both.

We drove back into downtown and stopped at the city bus station. We fed the people who were waiting for their buses to take them home.

With the last of the food we went to a downtown bar that has apartments above it. We served the people that came out from the bar to get food as well as several people who came downstairs from their apartments to get a bowl of food.

We let our light shine Friday night J

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Friday Update: 5/2/14

Pulling up to our spot this Friday there were about a dozen people waiting for us. We got the drink table set up and were serving drinks within about five minutes and soon there were more people showing up. Some of them were team members and others were hungry people.

After another ten minutes all the generator and the sound equipment was set up and ready to go.

Jerred prayed to start out the evening and bless the food and people lined up at the window of the Food truck for a bowl of beans, a banana, and a smile from a pretty face in the window.

As the people made their way through the food line, Steve started playing his guitar. He and I led the people in praise and worship.

As we sang song after song, the food truck was a buzz of activity. Jerred walked around and greeted people.

After I was done singing Amazing Grace, Steve played it again and Roadrunner joined in on his trumpet. It was beautiful.

Jerred began to preach. He shared about trust and most importantly about trusting the Lord.

As Jerred preaches, he walks around. None of the pictures show it well, but there are people sitting in various places all around the center where Jerred is preaching.

At this point, Jerred is making the point to the people that God is pursuing them. He had me come over so that he could illustrate this point to the people. In the illustration, I was walking across the center of the patio towards the steps you see behind Jerred. The steps were hell. As I walked, Jerred (playing the part of God), got in my way, he pleaded with me to turn around, and he gave me little nudges but I still just walked over to the steps. It was powerful and I could see in the faces of a few people that they knew this to be true in their own lives.

As Jerred wrapped up his message, people were still wandering up to get food. In this picture, Jane is serving a few of the last bowls of beans. We opened up the back of the truck soon after this for people to come and get clothing. We gave out several pairs of jeans, as well as, t-shirts and socks and underwear to everyone who asked for them.

As we were packing up all of the sound equipment, Corey and Mary were ministering to a man next to the drink table. Glory!

Since we had already run out of food, we didn’t go anywhere else. We packed up our tables and equipment and called it an early night.

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4/25/14 in Pictures

This is a stack of jeans that got added to the clothing stocked on the truck.

Jerred starts out the Friday Feeding with a prayer to bless the food and the people.


Steve is playing the guitar for praise and worship while people line up to get a bowl of food from the Food Truck.


People are milling around, eating, getting seconds; all this while they listen to Jerred preaching the word.



This man is sitting alone to eat his bowl of food while listening to the preaching.


Some of the Priesthood bikers are waiting to pray with people at the altar call.



Jerred prays with a young man who came forward for prayer as Jeremy reaches into a box of Bibles. Everyone who wanted a Bible left with one.



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4/18/14 in Pictures

Friday food plus preaching

Food is being served from the window of the Food Truck as Jerred is preaching.

Friday mingling with the masses

A lot of people showed up this Friday. Jerred is taking time to talk to Kevin before he starts preaching.

Friday preparing to speak

Jerred is praying to start out his message.


Friday with a huge turn out


A view from the back. About a hundred people were at the feeding.

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