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Friday Update: 9/6/13 and 9/13/13

Things went smoothly on Friday as we prepared for the feeding downtown. As the clocked ticked off the minutes the food, drinks and ice were loaded onto the food truck and we set off for downtown Tulsa. It is about a twenty minute drive and that time is spent praying as we drive towards our destination.

We set up our tables and equipment and soon people were sipping Gatorade and water while the last few details of the set up process were being taken care of.

Jerred prayed a blessing over the food and a line quickly formed at the window of the food truck. Praise and worship was in the air as people ate their food and then went back for second and third helpings.

Jerred opened his message with prayer. You can see in the picture that some people joined him while others did not. Our part as the Search & Rescue team is not to make sure that everyone listens and does the proper thing at the proper time. Our part as the Search & Rescue team is to be obedient to the things that the Lord has laid on our hearts to do: love the people, speak the message, feed the people, pray with them, etc.

During the message a man came up the drink table where I was filling cups with Gatorade and quoted from James 2:15-16 “If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled.” But you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit?” He then said that we were doing a good thing and that he was very thankful for it.

The service ended but we still had plenty of food so we went to the C-store. We spent quite a bit of time feeding people, praying with people, and giving out clothes and shoes.

We left the C-store and went under a bridge. There were so many people and the atmosphere was that of a party with empty liquor bottles strewn around. These people were getting numb just to get through the night in the dark, on the concrete, with their only ‘comfort’ coming out of a bottle. But we serve the God of all comfort! Every person under that bridge got a hot meal, and a cold drink. The people who wanted them got clean clothes. And several people received prayer for various situations in their lives. The message we brought under that bridge was unspoken but was loudly proclaimed: God loves you!

We headed back to C-store with two bowls of food left. The team prayed and got in their cars to go home. Before the food truck pulled away we served three more people. Two of them asked for food and two of them needed clothes, socks, and a bag to carry their belongings. That was the end of night. We drove home knowing that lives were touched.


This Friday was a little different. I was out of town for the Joyce Meyer Love Life Women’s Conference in St. Louis, MO. This was my fourth year to go and it was amazing. Since I would not be there to cook on Friday, I cooked a cold dish: Italian Chicken Pasta Salad.

Here it is in the refrigerator waiting for Friday J

I spoke with the team since I don’t have a first-hand account to pass on this time. One of our team members told me how her day leading up the Friday Feeding had left her frustrated and though she was praying there was a tension that wouldn’t break. But she said that when Steve (guitar player and vocalist, extraordinaire) began with praise and worship, the anointing was there and she began to feel that frustration leaving. Then another member of the team came and gave her a hug and she could feel the rest of the tension melt away. That same power touched other people who were there that night. I know it did because God is not a respecter of persons. If he did it for her he would do it for any other person there!

The team stayed about an hour longer that we usually do at the feeding location and by that time all the food was gone. But in that extra time spent more people were prayed for and more people received clothing that they needed.

It is a wonderful thing to be a part of something bigger than yourself. The Search & Rescue team is always there on Friday nights. Every Friday. I may not be there (that rarely happens) and it still goes on!


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