Friday Update: 5/30/14

Friday was a day of showers. The showers were intermittent and spotty. It had rained downtown earlier in the day as evidenced by the huge puddle. Rain or not, Search & Rescue has a reputation for always being downtown on Friday night. We got set up quickly and people got food, drinks and cookies.










As I sang the second praise and worship song, a few raindrops started to splash on my head and the table next to me. We stopped the music for a while but the shower quickly passed and as soon as it did, I started singing again.

The people were spread out as they listened to Jerred preach.

He focused on some things that stop our prayers from being answered like unforgiveness.

During his message Jerred asked me to read some Bible passages for him.

As Jerred gave the altar call, there were still people coming up the food truck to get food. Jerred passed out Bibles to anyone who wanted one at the end. The back of the truck was opened for people to get clothing, socks, and toiletries. While that was happening, Jerred prayed for a few people.

A lady came up to me and told me that Jerred’s message was just what she needed to hear. She had been praying to find out what was going wrong in her life and as she sat there listening she received the answer. I prayed with her and she left encouraged.

As the sun went down, people began to wander off to the places that they stay. We packed up our tables and equipment and found that the food containers were empty. That made it a short night but a powerful one.


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