Friday Update: 5/23/14

Friday night was a bustle of activity as always. A church group came downtown to help at the feeding. They brought and set up a stage truck and their youth sang praise and worship from it. It took a little time to get everything set up.

People got drinks and visited with us as they waited for us to start serving food.

It wasn’t long before Jerred prayed to bless the food. Everyone headed down to the food truck to get a bowl of Chicken Stew.

There is still a line at the window of the Food Truck and some of these people are getting their second or third bowl.

The man at the window asked for more crackers.

Meanwhile, these youth are singing songs of praise and worship. When they finished, Jerred started to preach.

Jerred read from the Bible and showed the people how it is of utmost importance to believe and then speak.

As his message drew to a close, Jerred had everyone repeat a prayer after him. After that he sent people from our team around to pray with people.

While that was happening, the back of the food truck was opened up for people to get clothing, shoes and toiletries. The line at the back of the truck seemed endless but no one walked away empty-handed.

People continued to mingle and one on one ministry was taking place. Then as the sun was setting and the sky was growing dimmer, an announcement was made that the church group had brought groceries for people to take away with them. Everyone that wanted it took away a bag of groceries.

We packed up our things and walked around the area to pick up trash before we headed down the street to the C-store.

We fed five or six people at the C-store before we left. Our next stop was the greyhound bus station. There were a handful of people in the lobby and a few of them came out to get some food. One young woman came out and Kristy and I spoke with her. She was leaving town after losing several friends to violent deaths. Kristy and I prayed with her and encouraged her. As Kristy and I were walking back to the truck a man walked up for a bowl of food. We asked him if he would like us to pray with him. He agreed to let us pray with him for strength to resist alcohol.

We drove by the city bus station where we fed two people and quickly moved on. Next we went under a bridge where one man was staying. He asked for two bowls of food which we happily provided. Mary and Steve prayed with him.

On our way to the next destination, we had an impromptu stop at the jail. There were two young men outside the jail waiting for their rides. They were both hungry and very thankful for a bowl of food and their freedom. We continued to the Day Center for the Homeless; several people came out and received food, drink, and prayer.

The next place we went was to a bar on the outskirts of downtown. The bar was closed because the bartender was in need of medical attention for a spider bite. We gave one bowl of food to the man who told us about the bartender and then got on our way.

We went by the city bus station again and this time there were a bunch of people. We got to serve some food, give away some clothes, and pray with some people there.

The last stop of the night was at a bar in downtown. About half a dozen people came out from the bar to get food and then people from the apartments above the bar started coming down to get food. It didn’t take much time to empty our food container. We drove home with completely empty food and drink containers and only a little ice left. All in all: a great night!


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