Friday Update: 5/16/14

Friday morning started out with a mechanic arriving to replace the starter in the food truck. It didn’t take him very long to finish the job. When all of the food, drinks and equipment were loaded onto the truck and we got ready to go, the truck fired right up!

I took a picture while we were driving down the road. The truck is packed with clothes, pillows and all sorts of goodies to give away downtown.

This is a view of our spot as we approach, we can see people waiting for us to get there.

It took us a little time to get everything set up. While the sound was getting connected, we served cold lemonade and water at a table at the back of the truck. When all of the kinks were worked out of the sound, Jerred went to a high spot to pray over the food and start the night.

Here some of the people are looking at Jerred as he prays and others are bowing their heads.

After the prayer a line quickly formed at the window of the food truck and people started eating.

As the praise and worship was going on, some people were eating. This man walked up to Jerred and asked him to pray for him. He was having a problem with anger and desperately wanted to change.

After praise and worship Jerred said a few words and then introduced Kevin to give his testimony to the people. Kevin told about a less than ideal childhood that turned into a life of drugs. Eventually, Kevin started to manufacture the drugs. He was caught and prosecuted. He spent his fortieth birthday in prison. Even though he was in prison and the future didn’t look bright, he came into a relationship with Jesus Christ. He is a completely different man than the one who went into prison. Glory!

When Kevin was done giving his testimony, Jerred asked Jose to share his testimony with the people.

Jose told about being a drug dealer. He told about the revenge he used to take on child molesters. He told about how if anyone told on him, he would sew their lips together with fishing line. Jose got arrested and went to court. His bail was set in the millions. When his bail was one million, the head of his gang in Texas was ready to send $100,000 bond. If that had happened, Jose would have disappeared into Mexico. He was and sentenced to spend time in prison, it appeared that it would be the rest of his natural life. While Jose was in prison, he quickly rose to a position of power and respect(or maybe fear.) He looked out for other Mexicans but he also demanded that they do what he told them and do it when he told them. After he had been in prison for a while, he was approached with an offer to kill someone for money. He agreed and set forth his terms. This plan was found out and Jose was sent into confinement. He was alone with no human contact for six months. It was during that time that Jose gave his life the Lord. At this point he was in a position to have more time added to his sentence. There was talk of moving him to Colorado. One day, he was called to the warden and he thought he was going to Colorado but he was being released. Now he goes to bars and other bikers (Mongols, Hells Angels, etc..) to tell them about God.

The anointing was there to set people free from bondage. Several people were prayed for following the testimonies.

As always we opened the back of the truck at the end to give away clothing, sheets and pillows. People don’t just come to the Friday Feeding and hear that God loves them. They get fed and some of their physical needs taken care of.


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