Friday Update: 5/9/14

It started out like every other Friday. There was food to cook, a food truck to clean and stock, and food and drink containers to be filled up and loaded. The day proceeded on schedule. At 5:35 everything was loaded on the food truck and we were all ready to go downtown. That is when we had a problem. The food truck wouldn’t start. It seems the starter was worn out. No matter how the guys tried to coax it or what mechanical tricks they tried, it just would not work. After twenty five minutes of trying to start the food truck, we decided to load all of the food, drinks, and serving materials into the cargo van. By ten minutes after six, we were on the road, headed downtown.

We arrived downtown late because of the problem with the food truck, but we got everything set up quickly. Jerred prayed over the food and a line instantly formed at the table that was set up by the side doors of the cargo van.

All of these people were waiting for us because they knew that we might be late but we would never be a “no show.”

As I sang songs of praise and worship to God, I watched the people walking around. I have spoken to some of them and know their stories.

I am blessed to serve a God that cares if these people eat.

Jerred began to preach, and the people stayed to listen. He talked about the love of God.

As Jerred continued his message, the sun started to descend in the western sky. As Jerred closed, he sent members of the team out to pray with the people.

Since we had brought out the cargo van instead of the food truck, there wasn’t room to bring any clothing. We still had food left so we packed all of the things into the cargo van and went up to the C-store for bathroom breaks and fuel. While we were there we fed one man.

From there we went to the Greyhound bus station. There were only a half dozen people there so it wasn’t long before we were back on the road to the Day Center.

At the Day Center, Jerred went inside to make an announcement and several people came out to get food and drinks. One woman named Misty ate her food while sitting on the steps and Esther and Lydia ministered to her.

Corey and Steve are praying for healing for this man. He didn’t come out to get food, he just wanted a phone number. He mentioned in passing about his chemotherapy and that was all the open door necessary to interject God’s power into his life. As the people that had come out of the Day Center went back inside there were some guys walking by. We asked them if they were hungry; they were. They each ate two bowls of food and thanked us over and over.

The next place we went was to a bar on the outskirts of downtown. There were two people there and we fed them both.

We drove back into downtown and stopped at the city bus station. We fed the people who were waiting for their buses to take them home.

With the last of the food we went to a downtown bar that has apartments above it. We served the people that came out from the bar to get food as well as several people who came downstairs from their apartments to get a bowl of food.

We let our light shine Friday night J


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