Friday Update: 5/2/14

Pulling up to our spot this Friday there were about a dozen people waiting for us. We got the drink table set up and were serving drinks within about five minutes and soon there were more people showing up. Some of them were team members and others were hungry people.

After another ten minutes all the generator and the sound equipment was set up and ready to go.

Jerred prayed to start out the evening and bless the food and people lined up at the window of the Food truck for a bowl of beans, a banana, and a smile from a pretty face in the window.

As the people made their way through the food line, Steve started playing his guitar. He and I led the people in praise and worship.

As we sang song after song, the food truck was a buzz of activity. Jerred walked around and greeted people.

After I was done singing Amazing Grace, Steve played it again and Roadrunner joined in on his trumpet. It was beautiful.

Jerred began to preach. He shared about trust and most importantly about trusting the Lord.

As Jerred preaches, he walks around. None of the pictures show it well, but there are people sitting in various places all around the center where Jerred is preaching.

At this point, Jerred is making the point to the people that God is pursuing them. He had me come over so that he could illustrate this point to the people. In the illustration, I was walking across the center of the patio towards the steps you see behind Jerred. The steps were hell. As I walked, Jerred (playing the part of God), got in my way, he pleaded with me to turn around, and he gave me little nudges but I still just walked over to the steps. It was powerful and I could see in the faces of a few people that they knew this to be true in their own lives.

As Jerred wrapped up his message, people were still wandering up to get food. In this picture, Jane is serving a few of the last bowls of beans. We opened up the back of the truck soon after this for people to come and get clothing. We gave out several pairs of jeans, as well as, t-shirts and socks and underwear to everyone who asked for them.

As we were packing up all of the sound equipment, Corey and Mary were ministering to a man next to the drink table. Glory!

Since we had already run out of food, we didn’t go anywhere else. We packed up our tables and equipment and called it an early night.


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