Friday Update: 4/4/14

The first Friday of the month and Search & Rescue Outreach Ministries could be found on the streets of downtown Tulsa, feeding the hungry just like every other Friday of the year. We fed the people Ham and Beans this Friday and there were some who came back for second and third helpings.

The weather was pleasant but a little cooler than it had been just the day before. When we opened the back of the truck up for clothing there were a lot of people who were asking for jackets and things to keep them warm through the night. We helped each person individually find shirts, jackets, and socks that would fit them.

There were two different groups that had come out to help minister to people Friday night. One was a Christian motorcycle group and the other was a Christian Men’s group.

Jerred preached about temptation and how to overcome it. The word was powerful and I heard a few people commenting about how the word had touched their hearts.

After the preaching, everything got put in its place on the food truck and we went around picking up trash that people had left. Soon we were ready to leave for the next part of the night.

We went to the C-store for a quick pit stop and ended up serving food to a couple of hungry men there. Soon we were on the road. We pulled up outside the city bus station. Four of our team went out to invite the people waiting on buses to come get a bowl of food and a hot cappuccino. It didn’t take long for a line to form at the window of the food truck. We served everyone who wanted food. Meanwhile, our ministry team was hard at work praying for people who had gotten food. I saw faces light up after they got prayed with. As our ministry team trickled back onto the truck, we served the last bowl of food. It was time to end our night in the streets. We prayed to end our night and I must say that I love being used to pursue people in Jesus’ name!


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