Friday Update: 3/28/14

It’s the last Friday of March. We are still having yo-yo temperatures with a few very warm days followed by some downright chilly days.

There was huge concert in downtown on Friday so our usual meeting spot was not available. We set up about three blocks from where we normally are. After all of the people walked down the street to meet us it was only a few minutes until we were serving bowls of chicken and rice from the window of the truck. The line was a constant at the window of the truck for close to twenty minutes. People ate and had second helpings. As soon as the food line went down, we got ready to open up the back of the truck for the clothing line.

As I talked with people and tried to get them the things that they needed, I couldn’t help but notice how rude and demanding several of them were. What kept rising up within me was mercy. Mercy gives you what you don’t deserve. And it was because of God’s mercy for these people working through me and the team that these people received clothes and shoes even though they were rude and hateful. Praise God that His mercies are new every morning!

Jerred preached his message as the sun went down and then everything got packed up and we went to the C-store to use the restroom and refresh ourselves for the rest of the night.

Our first stop after leaving the C-store was the bus station. There was only one man in the bus station and we were able to serve him food and lemonade. The next place we went was under a bridge where there were only a couple of people. They were hungry and thankful for hot food and a stocking cap. Some of the team members went out and prayed with them.

We left the bridge and went over to the Day Center for the Homeless. Jerred went in and asked permission for the people to come out to get food and clothes and soon there was a line at the window for food and drinks and another one at the back of the truck for clothing. We gave away several pairs of shoes at the Day Center as well as many pairs of pants and t-shirts. Our team was mingling with the people, ministering to them, and praying with them.

Our next destination was a bar on the outskirts of downtown. The team went in with eight bowls of food and then came back for six more. It is a good thing to let the light shine in the darkness.

Our last stop of the night was a bar downtown with some apartments above it. There was a steady stream of people coming out from the bar to get some food from the truck. One of the men from the apartments came down. He was a man who used to be homeless and we took a few minutes to catch up with him.

With the serving spoon scraping the bottom of the food container, we ended the night with prayer and said our goodbyes.


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