The Past Few Fridays

The last Friday Update I wrote was at the beginning of February and now it is already nearly the end of March! So I thought I would write a post to fill you in on everything that has been going on out in the streets.

The days have been growing longer and warmer. For us that means that there are more people waiting for us when we pull up downtown on Friday nights. It also means that those people will stay longer. In the span of Fridays since the last time I gave an update, we have seen countless new faces at the feeding.

More people make for a busier night for all of the team. There are more cups to fill with drinks and more bowls to be filled with food. There are more people to greet and pray with. There are more people lined up at the back of the truck for socks, shirts, pants, jackets, and hygiene items. Each member of the team plays their part.

Jerred is wearing a medical boot these days because he recently fractured his ankle. He told the whole group downtown that his injury stemmed from disobedience to the Holy Spirit. He wanted to be clear on that so that they wouldn’t think that God hadn’t protected him. The plain truth is that many times a warning or instruction is the protection but we push right past it and suffer the consequences.

I’m sure that plenty of the people we serve downtown don’t need to be reminded that they are living out the consequences of wrong choices. That is not what we go downtown to do. We go downtown with mercy. We go downtown with the love of God heaped into Styrofoam bowls and the goodness of God folded in bins labeled small, medium, and large.

Even though I haven’t posted anything for the past several Fridays, we have been downtown EVERY Friday.


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