A Wedding

I mentioned in my last post that Andy was getting married on Saturday. This would be Jerred’s first time to perform a wedding. There was excitement in the air as we arrived at the Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown. The ceremony would begin at two o’clock.

The bride, Jen, was radiant. She had been pampered by a group of affectionate women that included her bridesmaids and a few others. As the time drew near for Jen to walk down the aisle, she kept saying “I feel beautiful!” It was very much like a fairy tale wedding, the way that everything had come together for this homeless couple to wed.

The couple’s friends and family members had come to celebrate this new chapter of their lives with them. Andy and Jen stood before God, their family and their friends and took solemn vows to each other. Their first act as husband and wife was to take communion together. They were both glowing as Jerred presented them to the audience as husband and wife.

The rest of the afternoon sped by. Pictures were taken by every person with a camera, phone, or tablet. Everyone went downstairs to the reception where a barbeque dinner was served.


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  1. Major Jim Taylor

    Andy and Jennifer have been bellringers for us (The Salvation Army) for a few years. Last December I spoke with them for over an hour about getting married. I am so happy they decided to “take the leap”.

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