Friday Update: 1/31/14

As we drove downtown, we couldn’t see the tall buildings that overshadow its one way streets. There was a dense, cold fog hanging in the air. We pulled up into our spot and found people waiting for us despite the cold and the damp. The team worked together to get things set up quickly and it wasn’t long before Jerred was praying over the food and the people were moving past the window of the Food Truck to get a bowl of food.

As people began to get full, the back of the truck was opened up and a line formed with people who needed things. We gave away pillows, socks, underwear, coats, sweaters, jeans, and sweats.

As the people filtered away, the equipment was packed back onto the truck. Most of it had to be thoroughly dried off because of the cold mist that had been falling. We left and met up with the team at the C-store.

Our first stop of the night was the Bus station. Several people came out to get food and a cappuccino. There were team members inside talking and praying with people and team members praying with people outside. We stayed at the bus station for quite a while.

The next place we went was under the bridge. There were a handful of people staying there that night. Bowls of food were served to the people along with hot cappuccino. Team members got off the truck to go out and talk and pray with people. One of our team members compassionately asked permission to wipe a man’s runny nose. The people were thankful for the food and for being treated like people.

The Food truck drove to a bar in downtown next. Several people came out from the bar for food and soon a stream of people were coming down from the apartments above the bar. Our team members on the sidewalk prayed with people as they waited for their turn to be served at the window of the Food Truck. We began to scrape the bottom of the food container as we served the last person. That signaled the end of the night and we went back to the C-store. As I prayed a closing prayer for the night there was one more hungry person. We were able to scrape up enough for one more bowl of food and we had a bag of dog food for the man’s two dogs.


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