Friday Update: 1/24/14

Friday was quite cold but the lingering daylight reminded us that warmer days would soon be here.

Things got set up quickly and soon people were gathered around the heater with their hot potato soup as Steve played his guitar and sang Praise and Worship songs.

Some of the people would rather stay a little further away from everyone else.

As people were eating and talking, Jerred ministered to a couple. Not too long after this picture was taken, a man came to the feeding asking for help. He explained to Kristy and me that things in his life had been spiraling out of control and he had just been ready to throw himself off the top of a bridge. The thing that stopped him from going through with it was a lady in a car that honked at him. It scared him that he had attempted to take his own life. He wanted to talk to someone and a person on the street told him to where to find us and to come to our feeding. He found himself telling us about a drinking problem and his downward spiral. Kristy and I prayed with him and then called COPES (a counseling service) for him to get additional help. He spoke on the phone to the counselor and agreed to allow them to send the police to come pick him up. I let Jerred know that the police would be coming and he in turn told all the people so they wouldn’t be caught by surprise when the police came. The man wasn’t carted off in handcuffs, he was just transported by the police to a counseling center.

Kristy and I prayed with two other people before the back of the truck was opened up and people lined up to get the things they needed. Socks and long-underwear were in demand that night.

Jerred shared his message with the people as they were gathered around the warmth of the outdoor heater.

The feeding came to an end and all of the tables and equipment were packed onto the truck. The team all left to meet up at the C-store.

After meeting up at the C-store, the Food Truck pulled out to go under the bridges. When we got to the first one, there were only three people there. We made sure that they all got a hot bowl of food and hot cup of cappuccino. Some team members delivered the food and drink right to them where they were already bundled up. We drove over a block to the next overpass and found a man out on the sidewalk. We asked him if he was hungry. His answer was a resounding yes. The team brought him out two bowls of food and hot cappuccino. They prayed with him and then we were on our way to the bus station.

At the bus station we served some food and cappuccino to the people who came out to the truck. Meanwhile some of the team went inside the bus station to pray with people. While they were inside they led a man to the Lord! Glory!

Our last stop of the night was at one of the bars in downtown. The last of the food was scraped out to serve the hungry people outside the bar.

It was a powerful night!


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