Friday Update: 1/17/14

We had an amazing night on Friday. We pulled up and saw that there were more than a dozen people waiting for us where we feed them downtown. Mostly they were congregated around a half wall. But when I scanned the area, I saw others lingering on the outskirts. As I later found out there were still others, who were concealed at a distance.

Things happened quickly and the pace didn’t drop off until the end of the feeding. The team got the drink table set up at the back of the truck and started serving hot cappuccino. The heater was lit and everything was ready for Jerred to pray over the food. He did. That is when I saw how many people were really there. At first the line looked like it had in the previous few weeks, but then more and more people walked up to the line. As fast as we could dish up a bowl of food inside the truck, it was going out the window. For several minutes the focus inside the truck was assembling bowls of food for the line of people waiting at the window. This is part of the reason that I only have one picture to show for Friday night.

As we struggled to keep up with the demand at the window, Jerred warned me that soon he would make an announcement that we would hand out clothes. As if on cue, a pickup with a bed full of trash bags pulled up. The people in the truck had collected blankets and clothing for the homeless and brought them to distribute to the people. A hoard of people surrounded the truck in a frenzy. Jerred barked some orders to a few team members and soon things were a little less chaotic at the truck. By that time we were ready to open up the back of the truck and people began to filter over to get the other things that they needed. We passed out coats and more coats, pants, long sleeve shirts, socks, underwear, pillows, the few blankets we had, hats, gloves, scarves, and backpacks.

Meanwhile, there was still a pretty steady stream of people coming to the window for food. Things began to die down as people walked into the night with bags full of necessities and full stomachs.

A few people lingered and there were others just walking up for food, as Jerred began to share what was on his heart. The message came late in the feeding but the audience was receptive. As Jerred finished talking, I let him know that we had served the last bowl of food. Things got packed onto the truck. It was the end of an amazing night. Glory!



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2 responses to “Friday Update: 1/17/14

  1. Edith carpenter

    A work after my own heart, the Lord bless your ministry, keeping you safe, work which you can use the girts of the Spirit, warriors for Christ with loving hands and hearts full of joy…

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