Friday Update: 1/10/14

The weather was so much warmer on Friday. There were more than a couple dozen people, peppered around the parking lot, waiting for us as we pulled up. We got set up and Jerred blessed the food before a line formed at the window of the Food Truck.

Steve played praise and worship songs on his acoustic guitar as people ate chicken and rice and took sips of hot cappuccino.

After some time, Jerred called to the people to gather round and hear his message. Everyone came in close and listened intently as Jerred shared. As he closed his message, Jerred led everyone in a bold and encouraging prayer.

The back doors of the truck were opened as people approached to get the things that they needed: long sleeve shirts, pants, socks, scarves, hats, gloves, and blankets. As the people dissipated, we packed all of our things up and headed to the C-store to freshen up and regroup.

From the C-store we headed out toward a bridge that people are living under. On our way there we saw several people outside the jail as if they had just gotten released. We pulled into the parking lot and served several cups of hot cappuccino and a few bowls of chicken and rice to the people who were waiting for their rides. Some members of our team got off the truck and asked the people if they needed prayer for anything. One young man, very candidly replied, “to never go back to jail again.” They prayed with him and shared with him about having a relationship with Jesus Christ. Just as their prayer with him finished a white pickup pulled into the parking lot and it was his ride. We were in the right place at the right time.

We left the jail and a few minutes later we were pulling up under the bridge. There were a handful of people under the bridge but there were others close by and when they saw the Food Truck they came over to get some food and a hot drink. Our team members prayed with people as others gave out goody bags and items of clothing.

When we left the bridge we had exhausted most of our food supply so we drove back toward the C-store. On our way there, we stopped at the city bus station to feed three or four people and to pray with a few, too. One woman asked me to pray for favor with her probation officer and the judge, as well as, a new place to stay (having left her boyfriend who beat her up.)

We continued back to the C-store and closed the night with prayer.


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