Friday Update 1/3/14

A windy day turned into a windy night with a biting chill. There were about a dozen hungry people waiting for us as we pulled into our spot downtown. One man, who looked as if he were in pain, asked if we had a coat for him (he was only wearing a sweatshirt with a couple of layers under it; not nearly enough to keep one warm in this cold and wind.) I found him a trench coat with a thick wool liner and also handed him a stocking cap since his head was bare and the coat had no hood. He put it on and as he began to warm up his expression looked more and more pleasant.

It took a little time to get the drink table set up at the back of the truck and to pull the propane heater off the truck and light it for a morsel of warmth. As soon as it was done, Jerred prayed over the meal and the people came to the window for food. Steve played his acoustic guitar sitting next to the heater and the praise and worship swirled in the wind. Jerred got everyone’s attention and spoke to the people from the Bible as they sipped hot cappuccino and took heaping bites of beans. Afterwards, Jerred announced that the back of the truck would open for us to distribute socks, gloves, clothing, blankets, etc… The first person in line was a petite young lady. She asked for a pillow and I asked her if she would like one of the side-sleeper pillows. She looked at it and said it would be perfect because she was pregnant. She explained that her and her boyfriend had just got an apartment and needed almost everything. She told me her sizes and I got her some pants, a long-sleeve shirt and a long coat. Most of the other people in line asked for blankets and everyone that asked for a blanket asked for one. The people said their goodbyes one by one and walked toward the places that they called home. We got our things packed up and stowed away and drove down the street to the C-store. On the way there we saw three young men walking and stopped to ask them if they were hungry. They were. One of them needed a coat and they all needed gloves. I found the right size coat for the one guy and got out three pairs of gloves before I dipped out three bowls of food. As we pulled away the three of them were sitting on a flower bed wall with their beans and cappuccino.

Before we could leave the C-store a man came up to the truck. I asked him if he was hungry. His response was no, but he wanted to know what we did. I explained and he asked if he could donate some clothes to the ministry. He had them in the back of his car and brought them over to the back of the food truck.

From the C-store, we went straight to the bridge where we usually find people. There were three people there. We served them all food and hot drinks. One man needed a coat and we gave him one, another lady asked for shoes and we had her size. Each person got a pair of gloves and our team members prayed over them before we pulled away from the bridge.

Next we went to the bus station. Several people came out and got cappuccino and a helping of beans. As the people walked back into the bus station with their food and drink, team members went in also to pray with people and to witness to them. The last person they approached was a clean cut young man. They soon found that he was taking a bus to Oklahoma City to turn himself in to serve two life sentences. Jerred had the opportunity to minister to this young man and to pray with him before we left the bus station.

Our next stop was at a bar in downtown. Jerred went in to let the people in the bar know that we were there and a man from the bar came out and went upstairs to let the people in the apartments above know that we were there. It took some time but soon a few people came out of the bar and took bowls of food back inside. As the people from the bar dissipated the people from the apartments above began to trickle out to the truck for food. A few team members stood out on the sidewalk and prayed with people who were willing.

With only three bowls of food left we headed back to the C-store. It was the end of a powerful night!



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2 responses to “Friday Update 1/3/14

  1. You all do great work. It is awesome how you touch each of those lives!

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