Friday Update: 12/27/13

The final Friday of 2013 was powerful. We arrived downtown a few minutes early. We got set up and prayed over the food at 6:01pm. The line at the window for potato soup was continuous for several minutes as people ate and went back for second and third bowls. There were more people than in the past few weeks due to the weather being warmer than it had been for the previous Fridays.

A church group came downtown Friday, bringing all sorts of warm clothing to distribute to the homeless. The people were happy to get sweat pants, warm sweaters, coats, shoes and boots.

A member of our team collected a bunch of thermal underwear and made sure that everyone that wanted a set got the right size.

There were several times in the night that I thought that I should take a picture or two but all of those times I was swamped; making sure things ran smoothly on the truck, serving cappuccino, water, and cookies, praying with people, and answering questions about the ministry. I stayed busy the entire night for sure!

We started to pack away our table and stow food and drink containers. As usually happens, a few stragglers came up asking for food and drink and we served them. When the coast was clear, we set off to the C-store with only two bowls worth of potato soup left in the food container.

For a while it looked like we might not find any hungry people at the C-store but then I noticed a lady inside that I knew. I let her know that we had potato soup and when she was done in the store she came out and we served her the rest of the food. She was very grateful and had already taken several bites by the time we walked back to the truck.


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