Friday Update: 12/20/13

The weather here does funny things. One day the temperature is in the sixties and the next the high is only thirty. That is exactly what happened from Thursday to Friday this week. This Friday was also the last Friday before Christmas so the Food Truck was loaded down not only hot food, hot drinks, and things to keep a person warm on a cold night but, with presents (courtesy of a few of our team).

It was cold but everyone huddled around the fire and sang Christmas Carols while the kids handed out the gift bags to each person.

They also got to hand out Bibles to each person. Everyone was so grateful for the gift and the feeling of Christmas.

We wrapped up as it started to sprinkle and headed to the C-store.

Our first stop after our pit stop was under the bridge. A group started singing Christmas Carols as others served food at the window of the Food Truck and then passed out the gifts.

We rounded out the night by stopping by the bus station, a bar and an apartment complex. We returned to the C-store with no more food. As we were about to drive away a man walked up asking for food. I dug out a pop-top can of food for him and got him a hot cup of cappuccino. He was so thankful for the food and then we gave him the gift and prayed with him. He was so grateful, he was almost in tears when we left him.


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