Friday Update: 12/13/13

Little of last week’s snow was left on the ground as I prepared the truck to go out on Friday. The weather was cold but happily, not as cold as it had been.

We had received a large donation of sour cream just in time for it to go into the meal on Friday. It made the Creamy Turkey Taco Rice just right.

We pulled a propane heater off of the truck and people gathered around it as Steve played a few songs and others joined in song to praise God. After one more song, Jerred began to give a message. He spoke for about ten minutes when it began to sprinkle. And then it began raining even harder but no one left. Everyone stood there in the rain listening as Jerred preached. They weren’t waiting to be fed or get a blanket because we had already passed all of those things out to the ones who wanted them. They were waiting for the anointed word of the Lord! Glory!

The message came to an end and the people began to filter away. We packed up our table and heater and got ready to roll over to the C-store.

As soon as everyone was ready, we left the C-store and went to the bus station. We found it full of people in various states of transit. So many hungry people.

Under the bridge we found several people staying the night there. Our team went to them to take them a bowl of hot food and drink and to pray with them. Our next stop was the Day center where a long line of people came out to get food, clothes, hats, gloves, and socks. After that we drove a few blocks to a bar and took some food inside to the people. They are usually hungry when we come and they are always thankful for a hot meal. Giving them food even though they spent their money on drinks at the bar shows them the mercy of God.

We returned to the C-store to drop off some team members that needed to get home before we headed to our last two stops of the night. The first of the two was a bar in the downtown area. We fed a few people there and then circled back to the street construction and asked the workers if they were hungry. Men piled out of a hole in the street to come to the truck for a bowl of food. Those were the last bowls that we served, the night was over and what an impactful one it had been.


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