Friday Update 12/6/13

Friday began with everything covered with snow. Throughout the day, the food truck was uncovered. Inside the beans slowly simmered.

The snow accumulation prevented many of our team members from coming downtown. But, Jerred and I picked up a few of team members who lived close by on our way downtown. When we pulled up into our spot no one was there and then slowly people began to walk up and ask if we were serving food yet. Jerred pulled a propane heater out of the truck and then blessed the food. Almost a dozen people ate and stayed for a while next to the heater. Everyone who asked for one got a blanket and gloves. The overnight low temperature would be in the single digits. After about 30 minutes, the people started to walk off to where they were staying the night, ready to get settled in and warmed up. We got all of our things put away and then drove over to the C-store.

After some bathroom breaks, we headed over to the bus station. We found cold, stranded, and hungry people waiting for us. We served up hot beans and cappuccino to every person that came to the food truck window. As a couple of team members were inside the bus station witnessing, Jerred was outside leading a man to the Lord.

The next place we went was under a bridge. In this horribly cold weather, we hoped not to find anyone staying there. (In weather like this all of the shelters let in people they otherwise wouldn’t.) Unfortunately, we did find people staying under the bridge and we served food to them while they were piled under their blankets.

Our third stop was the Day Center for the Homeless. It was packed with people. Bowl after bowl was handed out the window to a line of people that looked as if it would never end. When we left, we had served almost all of the food and we had given away scarves, long-sleeve shirts, pants, coats, blankets, and hats.

With only two bowls of food left we drove back to c-store. As some of our team members got into their cars two people came up and we served them the last bowls of food.



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2 responses to “Friday Update 12/6/13

  1. Bless you for your service to others!

  2. donald rowland

    Jerrad is an awesome person and brother in Christ. he found me when I was homeless and brought me blankets and hope. this guy is an awesome brother. gave me hope enough to where I now am not homeless and am on an outreach team ministering and counseling others now who are homeless. I now have been off the streets for almost 7 years now and married for 4 years with two awesome children and living in a house of our own. jerrad is an awesome roll model and counselor. I love jerrad as my brother and he still gives melots of hope and encouragement every time I see him. he still this day is my best friend I have ever had. without him leading me to christ I do not know If I would even be alive as of now. he has even talked me out of suiceide 9 years ago. I am now healed and dondon’t have to take meds anymore.

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