Friday Update: 11/22/13

The Tulsa area was under a Winter Weather Advisory on Friday. It was cold, windy, wet and frozen. Blech! But, the Potato Soup was hot and steamy. Yum!

There was a handful of people waiting for us as we pulled up into position and got everything ready to serve up some heat and comfort for these precious people. They didn’t stay long and we didn’t blame them. The wind was sharp with an icy bite. As people got filled up with a hot meal they asked for coats, socks, gloves, hats, and blankets. When they had the supplies to keep them warm through the night, they would go to hunker down for the night. We saw a steady trickle of hungry and cold people for about an hour and a half.

We packed up everything and headed over to the C-store to regroup for the rest of the night. When the team was on the Food Truck, we went to the bus station.

One of the buses was covered with the freezing rain that had been in our area earlier:

The bus station was a bustle of activity. There were people arriving and people about to depart. The potato soup was flying out the window of the Food Truck and the members of our team were working the crowd. So many out-of-towners got to see the love of God in action. One young man had just gotten out of prison. Jerred took the opportunity to minister to the young man and pray with him:

After we were done at the bus station, we went to a bridge and found several people huddled under blankets. They came out of their blanket cocoons to get hot soup and a steamy cup of cappuccino. Gloves, socks, and hats were the most requested items at the bridge.

We pulled away from the bridge and drove toward a homeless shelter. Before we could get there, we saw a woman sitting on a bench in the cold. We stopped and offered her hot food and drink and she happily received it. She had just been released from jail and seconds after a team member prayed with her, her ride pulled up to take her home.

We continued on to the homeless shelter. Although a group was serving a full blown Thanksgiving feast inside the shelter, many people came out for coats, socks, gloves, and hats. The door was open for one-on-one ministry and prayer. As we left the homeless shelter, our coat rack was almost bare.

Our next stop was a small bar on the outskirts of downtown. A group of team members took the potato soup into the bar, shining the light.

We took a trip back to the C-store so that five of our team members could leave for the night. After we had said our goodbyes, the six of us got back on the road.

We stopped by a bar in downtown and fed the people who came out as well as some people that were heading up to their apartments above the bar. Around the corner from the bar, we were back at the bus station. There were different faces and they all seemed to have empty stomachs. Hot potato soup to the rescue! When we pulled away we had served all but four bowls of soup. We went back to the C-store and closed the night with prayer and two of the team members took home the leftover soup.


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