Friday Update: 11/15/13

The night started in a little different way from most as we moved across the street from our usual spot. Construction was the reason for the move. Many people were waiting for us and they were ready to eat, forming a line as soon as we parked the Food Truck. It took us a few minutes to get everything set up. While we were setting up, hot cappuccino was served at the table at the back of the truck.

Jerred prayed and blessed the food and the line started to move past the window of the Food Truck.

After the praise and worship, Jerred preached as numerous people sat on a little half wall and listen to what he had to say. As Jerred concluded his message, he gave an invitation for prayer.

A line had formed at the back of the truck with people needing things to keep them warm. Each person that asked, received a blanket. We also gave out socks, gloves, stocking caps, pants, shirts, and coats. When the line had diminished we were amazed to see that we still had blankets left!

As the team was ministering to people, the Food Truck had a trickle of requests for food, clothing items, and blankets. Before too long, we were serving the last bowl of Spanish Rice which signaled the end of the night. Everything was packed up for travel but before we could leave a man walked up and asked for food. I dug through a box and found a large can of chicken noodle soup with a pull top lid to give him along with a few pieces of bread, some cookies and an orange. He asked for a coat and blanket as well. Of course, I got them for him. He was talking about his life before he was out on the streets. I had known him then. We went to the same church. He mentioned that he wasn’t an important person anymore because he wasn’t a police officer anymore… I let him know that he is still an important person to God.

What I said was so true. Why else would God send Search & Rescue out every Friday night? Those people are important to Him!


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