Friday Update: 11/8/13

This Friday, as always, the Food Truck was stocked up with coats, jackets, piles of blankets, scarves, hats, gloves, socks, shirts, and pants. The containers that hold the clothes were bursting at the seams. The shorter days of fall and winter mean colder nights.

It was already dark at 6 o’clock. Regardless, we were greeted by hungry people when we arrived downtown. As we set up tables and sound equipment, the people were served hot cappuccino and water. Shortly, Jerred prayed over the food and the line that had formed at the window of the Food Truck was moving. Praise and Worship began as people hungrily ate the hot Chicken and Rice.

As Jerred closed his message, there were many people who went up to receive prayer. At the same time, a line formed at the back of the Food Truck. In addition to the blankets, coats, and clothes the people received from the Food Truck, we passed out pillows from our cargo van.

As the people dissipated, we secured everything on the Food truck and the team met up at the C-store. After freshening up, we started the traveling portion of the night. The first place we found ourselves was in a parking lot next to the bus station. When they saw us pass by, three people came over from the bus station to get a bowl of food. One of them was a veteran who was on his way out of Tulsa with only the clothes on his back. He had spent the last of his money on his bus ticket. In addition to the hot bowl of food, we were able to put a warm coat on his back and give him a travel bag filled with canned food and bottled water for his journey. There were a handful of homeless people staying nearby, they were all served bowls of food and hot cappuccino, as well.

On our way to the next place we met two hungry men outside of the jail. They were grateful for the bowl of food as they waited for their ride to arrive.

Our next stop took us under a bridge where several people were ready to spend the night. We kept bowls of hot food flowing out the window. We also gave away several pair of socks and gloves, as well as stocking caps. While two of us were on the truck serving the food, two of the team were out in the dark praying with people and shining the light of Jesus Christ.

We still had plenty of food so we went to a homeless shelter next. Jerred went in and made an announcement and the hungry people came out to the truck to get food. After they all had a bowl of food they went around to the back of the truck to get clothes, sock, gloves, scarves, and hats.

As we drove down the road toward our next stop, we saw two men walking. We stopped to ask if they were hungry and the answer came back a resounding yes. We fed them and then moved on.

We pulled up outside of one of the bars in downtown and soon hungry people trickled out to get a bowl of food. After we had fed everyone that wanted food, we drove to a bar on the outskirts of downtown. Here we took several bowls of food inside. It wasn’t long before we had a line of people at the window of the Food Truck asking for seconds and then thirds. The people told us we came at the perfect time as an answer to their hunger. We know that God designed it that way. We weren’t there long before we ran out of food. That signaled the end of the night for us so we headed back to take everyone to their cars.

Awesome Night!


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