Friday Update: 10/4/13

There was a concert just down the street Friday night. This meant parking issues for us as well as for the concert goers. Another side effect of the concert was increased foot traffic and extra police to make sure that everything went smoothly. Large events offer a change from our average Friday night dynamic.

We saw and served more people than usual for the first of the month. We have been seeing and serving more and more people in the recent weeks and months. When I begin to feel sorrow that there are more people in desperate situations, it is replaced by a sense of gratitude that we can be the ones to serve them. We can serve them more than food and drink we are the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27).

We dished out Ham and beans with many compliments and a comment from a regular about how he had been craving brown beans.

The days are getting shorter and dark is creeping in earlier and earlier. When we opened the back of the truck to pass out clothing, the most requested things were blankets, socks and jackets. The weather is capricious in October and those living on the streets know that better than anyone. We enjoyed a mild day on Friday with a high in the mid-eighties but the next day brought rain and thirty degree plummet in temperature. The blankets, jackets and socks they received were put to good use.

When we had packed all of our things up we went to the C-store to use the restroom and to freshen up. We served a few people there and then went over to a place a few blocks down from a homeless shelter where we found a group of hungry people. Half of our team was busy praying with and ministering to people while the other half was serving food and drinks and finding the right sizes of clothing and jackets.

We served the last bowl of beans and ended the night with chocolate cake. One of our team members had brought half of a sheet cake that was left over from a meeting at her job earlier that day. It was a treat that they hadn’t expected to follow the beans. It definitely ended our night on a good note.



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