Friday Update: 10/11/13

As we pulled up to our spot on Friday, there was an ambulance across the street. A man had been smoking K2 and started having seizures. Although we do see the effects of drug and alcohol abuse every week, our hearts don’t break any less when something like this happens.

We got set up and the people lined up at the window of the food truck.

The line stayed strong for quite a while.

Just like any Friday night there are those who stick around for the whole thing and there are some who just grab a bowl of food and take off.

Jerred shared the message that he God had laid on his heart. This was a lesson that he had learned and that had helped him to get back into life after he had been homeless and addicted to drugs. Sometimes you know what you need to do but you just don’t care. So many people find themselves in that very situation. Jerred urged people to ask God for the desire to want that thing. Jerred shared how he had to ask God for the desire to want to live and the desire to want to work. Each time that desire began to flicker inside him and grow. It really can be that simple. Jerred closed his message and began to pray with people.

At the back of the truck a line formed of people who needed clothing and blankets. This Friday, much like last Friday, promised rain and cooling temperatures in the wee hours of the night. We gave away every blanket on the truck before we packed up and left for the C-store.

We didn’t stay at the C-store for long. We had lots of food and we drove into the streets in search of hungry people. We had only gone about four blocks when we came up on three women walking and stopped to see if they were hungry. They were and after we served them each a bowl of food, we gave them shoes and toiletries.

Our next stop was the bus station. It was a bustle of activity. Plenty of people came to the food truck for a bowl of food and lemonade. There were also plenty of people who received prayer.

Our team loves to pray with people and lead them into a relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Here is another example of the ministry at the bus station. One of my friends likes to describe ministering at the bus station as being a missionary but the people come to you instead of you going to them.

After leaving the bus station we went to a spot near two bridges where some people stay. We found a small crowd of people and made sure that they all got a hot bowl of food. We passed out more jackets and socks. When the team was finished ministering to the people our night was complete.


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