Friday Update: 9/20/13

The temperature didn’t even make it out of the seventies on Friday. When the weather cools off like this the requests for jacket, blankets, socks, and anything that will keep a body warm through a night are in high demand. The Search & Rescue truck was stocked accordingly.

The food truck pulled into our spot right at six. As we began to set things up, we saw people coming across the street in large groups. They had been waiting on us. Before the setup was complete, a lady came up who had read about Search & Rescue in the newspaper almost six months ago (see the article here.) She had come to volunteer her help. Jerred found a place for her to serve and she jumped right into action. As the setup was completed Jerred prayed to bless the food. As he finished the prayer two men were asking him to pray with them.

As the praise and worship began, a line quickly formed at the window of the food truck.

The line seemed to stay this long throughout the time of praise and worship as people would go back for another bowl and others would walk up from blocks away to see what the music was about. Even after thirty minutes the line still looked like this:

I could see and hear people singing and worshipping God as the last few songs were played.

The time came for Jerred to preach and there was still a short line at the food truck. He began to speak about doing something with what God has given to you. As he went on, He explained that one of the things that God has given to us is the name of Jesus Christ. He gave examples of the power that is in that name and encouraged the people listening to use the name of Jesus Christ in that very powerful way. There were people listening closely to all that Jerred had to say.

Jerred prayed to end the service and people came up to ask for prayer. Every available member of our team went out to pray for the people and to minister to them. One of the men that Jerred ministered to had just been released from prison and he came to the feeding because he had seen that same newspaper article that was mentioned earlier.

A line formed at the back of the truck where clothes, blankets, jackets, shoes, and t-shirts were passed out to the people. It is refreshing to be able to give a clean t-shirt to a person wearing a grungy one. Especially when I recognize the t-shirt the person is wearing as having come off of the Search & Rescue truck. Imagine only changing your shirt once a week.

The people diffused back into the downtown area. The food had run out in just over an hour and we were beginning to pack up for the night. A man came to the back of the truck asking for a jacket, a t-shirt, and a pair of socks. I gave him the things he asked for and then he asked for something he had never asked for before. He asked for some literature. I happily pulled out two mini books about being born again and handed them to him. Thinking about that now brings tears to my eyes. You see, my prayer for Fridays is that when people receive food, drinks, clothing, and blankets that they will be more receptive to the gospel and that they will see the goodness of God because it is the goodness of God that brings men to repentance. Although for months it looked like Search & Rescue was only meeting this man’s physical needs, now there is hunger for the things of God in him! GLORY!


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