Conference Notes: The Comparison Trap

The second session at the conference was led by Andy Stanley. Here are the notes that I took from his message:

We all have a tendency to compare ourselves to others.

There is always someone with a bigger –er {makes us feel inadequate, we don’t measure up}

i.e. pretty –er, happy –er, healthy –er,

And then there are those with the smaller –er {makes us feel superior (this is sin)}

i.e. heavy –er, poor –er,

Oooo, what about those of us who don’t want to just be an –er but want to be and –est??

i.e. pretty –est, happy –est, smart –est

Comparison is an appetite. An appetite is something that never can be completely solved. It can be satisfied for a short time but it will come back. Think about being hungry. You eat then you aren’t hungry but give it some time and you will be hungry again.

There is NO WIN in comparison

Comparison = Comparisin

Kids get driven crazy when they aren’t compared to their potential but to someone else.

Proverbs 14:30 tells us that “Envy rots the bones”

***What we are really saying when we compare ourselves with others: God owes me***

Andy told us that whenever his kiddos would complain that “it’s not fair” he would tell them “Fairness ended in the Garden of Eden.”

Parable of the Talents from Matthew 25:14-30

The Master entrusted his wealth to his servants according to their ability.

The man who received five talents went at once and using them obtained five more.

The man who received two talents invested them and got two more.

The one who received one talent hid his master’s money.

After a loooooong time {a lifetime} the master comes to settle accounts.

The first man says, “You entrusted me with five talents and I gained five more.

The master calls him FAITHFUL and says, “share in your master’s happiness.

The second man says, “You entrusted me with two talents and I gained two more.”

The master calls him FAITHFUL and says, “share in your master’s happiness.

The third man said, “You are a hard man, so I was afraid so I hid your one talent and here it is back.” {He tries to build a case that the reason he didn’t have anything to show was really the master’s fault}

The master calls him WICKED (WORTHLESS) LAZY {He didn’t do anything bad, he just didn’t do anything}

The third man’s one talent is taken away and given to the man who had been given the five talents. Then he is thrown out into the darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. {regret}

***What you have is less important than what you do with what you have!***

You’ll never hear: “I compared my way to the top.”

You undermine your potential with comparison.

What are you going to do with what God has entrusted to you???

We have to run our own race we cannot run anyone else’s race!

*The most important thing you do in your life may not be something you do but someone you raise*

Andy ended the session with having us all say this together {with extra flair because it was a women’s conference} :

(Your name), there’s no win in comparison. C’mon girl! What are you going to do with what God has entrusted to you?


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