Friday Update: 8/30/13

It was ninety-nine degrees when we arrived downtown on Friday. Our usual spot was crowded but not with people this time, with news vehicles. Two of the vehicles were pulling away and we were able to squeeze the food truck into place and begin setting up.

As the setup progressed we served water, Gatorade and electrolyte popsicles. Soon Jerred was blessing the food and the people moved toward the food truck to get a bowl of Beef Stir Fry with rice.

Praise and worship echoed off of the surrounding buildings as we sang of the power and might of God, His beauty and holiness, and His awesome love for us. Then Jerred began to preach a message about the love of God. He encouraged everyone who was listening to talk to God and not just when you are asking for something. {That hits home, doesn’t it?} He also challenged us all to spend time with God without words. He closed with a prayer and there were several people who came up for prayer.

As people were lined up at the back of the truck to get clothes a man came to the food window and expressed to me his gratitude for what we do. He said that he usually has enough money to eat at the beginning of the week but by Friday he is out of money. He was so blessed by what Search & Rescue does every Friday that he began to cry as he was talking to me.

After we had packed everything in its place, we went to c-store. We fed several people there. There was one lady who needed a pair of shoes and we had some in her size on the truck. Meeting that need opened the door to minister to her and pray with her. She walked away, not only with a pair of shoes but with a Bible as well. We then went on the road with the last of the food. We stopped at a nearby bar. At that bar we gave away the last of the food and we were able to pray with a man there.

We prayed to end the night. All the members of the Search & Rescue team went their separate ways knowing that they had touched people’s lives that night.


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