Friday Update: 8/16/13

We pulled up in our spot a little after 6pm. There were plenty of people waiting for us and plenty of people who showed up after we arrived. We hit the ground running and before too long Jerred was praying a blessing over the food.

Chicken and rice with veggies: all these bowls are ready to feed the hungry.

It doesn’t matter what kind of food we have. Hot sauce goes with everything!

Jerred got started with the message and the people stayed and listened to what he had to say. He shared about faith. Jerred read out of the book of Hebrews but I could hear the echoes of the book of James as he expounded. The bottom line of the message is this: Live your faith.

After the message was over a man spoke to Jerred and told him that he was starting to get an understanding of what faith is and how it can work for him. God’s word really does change people’s lives and it is always exciting to see people transformed.

Can you see the little ‘servant in training’ in the window? She is precious!

We ran out of food as Jerred was closing his message. The sun was going down and we were out of food but we stayed for a long time passing out clothing items to people. Can’t wait for next Friday!


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