Friday Update: 8/9/13

Friday was a packed house. There were people everywhere. Even though several people just got a bowl of food and left there were still lots and lots of people who stuck around to hear Jerred preach.

The day started out a little different. One of our roasters gave out on us and had to be replaced. The newest one looks a little different but it is essentially the same.

Potato Soup was on the menu for Friday’s dinner so quite a bit of time was spent on slicing and dicing up the potatoes for the soup. It was time well spent because they always adore potato soup.

When we pulled up there were all sorts of people there waiting. Then as we started to set up it seemed as if there were more and more people. As we finished setting up, a line formed at the window of the food truck in anticipation of Jerred praying over the food.

Jerred shared his message and an illustration. In the illustration, he demonstrated how a person could be saved and in church but still weighed down by bondage of the enemy. The way to break the bondage is to have a relationship with God and to read the Bible.

Somewhere in the midst of the preaching we ran out of food. Everyone had eaten and we continued to give out crackers and cookies and Gatorade.


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