Friday Update: 8/2/13

Although I have a general idea of the things that will go on any given Friday, each Friday is different. As I mentioned yesterday, Friday started out with an encouraging surprise as we were setting up. My post, Read all about it!, tells that story.

Soon after all of the setup was done, Jerred prayed over the food. Things got started with the praise and worship music dancing, swaying, and twirling through the hot and humid air. As I sang, I couldn’t help but notice a man bring a makeshift vase filled with flowers and greenery and place it on the ground in front of the speakers.

This is a beautiful offering from someone who has so little.

Next Jerred began his message. He related to the people that Jesus Christ is our example and it is our job to imitate Him in our own personal lives as much as possible. But that was just the introduction.

Jerred went on to share an illustration using two men.

Jerred used them and their real life situations: the one on the left is homeless and sleeping outside but he has Jesus in his heart while the one on the right has an apartment but does not know Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior (not because he hasn’t been invited to accept Jesus.) Jerred then explained to everyone how we see things differently than God does. From God’s perspective the man on the right is the one who is homeless and the man on the left is not. Soon Jerred closed his message and we had a time of one-on-one ministry with the people as praise and worship music played as a backdrop. One man was so touched that he knelt at the altar in worship to our Lord.

Before long it was time to pack everything up again. When the food truck was packed up and ready to roll, we drove to the convenience store for our usual pit stop. The night ahead would be long but rewarding.

We made so many stops that I don’t think that my memory will serve to repeat them all in this post. We went to three bridges, the bus station, stopped several times on the side of the road or by pulling into a nearby parking lot, and rounded out the night by visiting two bars.

I will share two encounters that were memorable for me. The first was just a block away from one of the bridges that we had just been at. A man that I hadn’t seen for about a year started a conversation with me. I found out that he had a job now and that some of his art will soon be on display in a public exhibition. The second one happened at one of the bars. A woman that Tanyail and I had prayed with several weeks ago gave a praise report. The initial prayer request had been for her adult daughter who was going to be having brain surgery. The praise report was that she went through the surgery, the doctors repaired three aneurisms, and she is just fine now!

What a wonderful night!


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