Bye Bye, July

July’s weather has been pleasant and trying all at the same time. There were so many days with a high temperature only in the eighty’s. This is July in Oklahoma and last summer we didn’t much see a high temperature that wasn’t triple digits. The lower than normal temps were the pleasant part. Our area had quite a bit of rain during July, complete with Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and Flood Warnings. While I welcome the rain to soak the dry and parched ground, the rain is hard on the people that Search & Rescue serves downtown. These are people who are living outside. When it rains, everything they own gets wet. With the humidity, it is usually easier to get rid of the soggy belongings and find replacements.

That is where we come in. Each and every Friday at the end of the feeding downtown we open up the back of the truck and try to meet the people’s clothing needs. The demand for clothing has certainly been higher this month. Search & Rescue has received a large amount of clothing donations in the month of July. All those clothes are going right out into the streets. It is our goal to keep the things that are in greatest demand stocked on the truck each week. We have a wonderful team member, who has such compassion for the people we serve that she makes it her personal mission to scour garage sales and thrifts stores to fill in the gaps. What a blessing, not only to the people downtown but to the Search & Rescue team! I have to say, I love the fact that even if you can’t come to downtown Tulsa on a Friday night and participate in the ministry you can touch the people with your donation.

I am excited for what August will bring us… bye bye, July!


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