Friday Update: 7/26/13

Friday started out with rain showers on and off throughout the day. But around five o’clock, blue sky could be seen between the puffy white clouds that dotted the sky to the west. When we arrived downtown, the sun was shining and there were several people anticipating a hot meal and the Word of God.

We served Italian Beef with Rice. It is a recipe that I adapted from one for Italian Drip Beef Sandwiches. {Yum!}

As always, Jerred prayed to bless the food and the people lined up at the food truck window to receive their food. As they ate, Praise and Worship filled the atmosphere. When Jerred began to speak, he started talking about the things in his life that had led up to his involvement with homeless ministry. The story tells how his feelings about the homeless changed completely due to an experience he had while he was out of town (before he was even living for God.) He hadn’t really planned to tell that story, but when the Holy Spirit changes your plans you just have to flow with it!

Eventually Jerred got into the message that he had prepared for the night. He encouraged the people to persevere and endure. Then he gave and illustration that began with a question. The question was, “Do you want the fullness of God in your life??” For an illustration, he needed three team members. He lined the three up initially as temperatures on a thermometer. One indicated -45 degrees, one was 0 degrees and the last was 65 degrees. He then explained that in life you could be on the less desirable side (-45 degrees) by not serving God. You could be (0 degrees) saved and not really doing much. Or you could be in the desirable area (65 degrees) and serving God. He explained that people who got stuck at the 0 degrees mark were those who weren’t willing to give up things of the world. James 4:4b (NKJV) Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God. Jerred explained how he had changed things after he started serving God. Not everything at once but there were some things that he just knew that he had to change: the music he listened to, the people he hung out with, and what he watched on tv. Jerred closed the message with prayer.

In the midst of the music and ministry, the people lined up at the back of the food truck to ask for clothing. T-shirts, shorts, bags, underwear, and socks were all distributed.

When we began to tear down the sound system, I found out that we were out of food. We packed up the truck knowing that this was an early end of the night for us.


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