Friday Update: 7/19/13

Friday night was an amazing night.

We served Chicken and Rice and Gatorade.

Jerred spoke about the love of God. As he explained God’s love to the people, they were listening intently. After he closed his message, I heard a woman tell him that the message answered many questions that she had always had. There were also people who came up to Jerred to give their lives to the Lord. I saw one lady ask at the window of the food truck for a book about salvation. It was like the fish were just jumping into the boat; all we had to do was show up. Glory!

After everything was packed up on the truck, the team headed over to the convenience store. There were several hungry people there and that kept the team busy dishing up bowls of food and filling up cups with ice and Gatorade.

When the people at the convenience store had their fill, the food truck drove over to a bridge only to find it vacant. There were some people congregated not far from there, so the food truck pulled up alongside of them. Within a few minutes, people had come out of their hidden spots all around to get some food and maybe some clothing. After feeding all of those people, the food containers were empty and the evening was at an end for the Search & Rescue team.


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