Doing more

At the beginning of twenty thirteen as I made resolutions to improve my life, the Lord showed me that I need to increase my time in prayer. Not just to put in a certain number of minutes or hours per day or per week. My goal is to develop more quality in my prayer life as well as more quantity of prayer.

The thing about prayer is that it is supremely important. Unfortunately, prayer is not always urgent. At times it is urgent, like a couple of weeks ago when Jerred had an accident (Wake up Call) or when a family member or friend request prayer. Most of the time it takes discipline to maintain a prayer life. Period. With so many things tugging at us from every direction, prayer can get overlooked. It can get put off. It can get forgotten. It can even get trivialized.

The bottom line is that if there is an area in my life where God wants me to do more, I will. He never requires too much from me.

What about you? Is there a place that you know you need to do more?


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