Friday update: 7/12/13

As you may have guessed, the events of any given Friday night begin in the preparation. We brought potato soup downtown last night and that always means cutting up potato after potato until the roasters are full and look like this:

Food prep isn’t the only kind of preparation going on. As the cook, I am constantly praying for the people who will eat the food I am cooking. I pray that they will be touched by the love of God. I pray that their lives will be changed. I pray that they will see the goodness of God. I pray that bondages, addictions, and curses will be broken from their lives. You get the picture…

When we did pull up downtown, things went smoothly. There was a wonderful breeze to take the edge off of the horrible heat. We served electrolyte popsicles to each person as we arrived and then Gatorade throughout the night. Jerred prayed over the food and people were lined up to get a bowl of potato soup.

The praise and worship began and I was touched by the mention of mercy, compassion, and the love of God in the songs. Jerred began to speak to the people, giving a portion of his testimony. He has a dynamic testimony but that is a whole other post! Jerred spoke boldly about spiritual deception and even though it was hot and uncomfortable, many people stuck around to listen to the message.

There are people beyond this picture listening behind Jerred and to the left of the camera lens as well. After Jerred closed his message, there were people who came up for prayer and there were those who expressed to him how they needed to hear what he said.

We packed up the truck and headed over to the convenience store for bathroom breaks and a little freshening up. We served 5 or 6 people at the convenience store. While we were there, a young man came up to the truck and I asked him if he was hungry. His reply was no but he wanted to hear what we were talking about. He was spiritually hungry! Steve and Mary went out and ministered to this young man and prayed with him. We gave him a bible and booklet about faith. He didn’t have that lost look in his eyes when he walked away from the truck.

We pulled out of the convenience store and headed over to one of the bridges. We handed out about twenty five drinks and bowls of food. There was one lady who was sitting by herself under the bridge and I got off of the truck to go talk to her. By the time I was able to get over to her, there was man talking to her. He was loudly proclaiming how he was going to “clean house around here.” I interjected and asked them if there was anything I could pray with them about. The man was very open and started gushing, “that is just what my wife needs.” All the while, the lady is giving him dirty looks. When she finally spoke she told me how she had lost custody of her children temporarily due to going to prison and drug use. She had been following the steps the court had given her to get custody back but had slipped recently. Discouragement was written all over her face. Before I could even think about it the scripture, Hebrews 4:16, came bubbling up out of me. {Let us therefore, come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. NKJV} Mercy is not getting what we deserve. Mercy triumphs over judgment James 2:13b. Grace is favor and empowerment. Grace gives you the ability to go beyond your own ability. All of these things came racing from my tongue. I prayed with this couple and I know that Jesus is in heaven interceding for them now.

As we pulled away from that bridge, I was completely aware that it was no accident that my post yesterday was Hebrews 4:16. It was no accident that the songs of praise and worship we had sung earlier echoed that mercy, compassion and love of God. It was no accident that we came across this lady in the streets on this particular night. God was reaching out to her. I pray that she saw that.

We drove to a bar outside of downtown next. The team brought the bowls of food into the bar for the people. Sometimes we just need to show people that God does love them.

Next we drove to another bar, this one in downtown. People came out and received the food with many thanks. After that we only had three bowls of food left so we headed back to the convenience store. There were people that walked up to the truck to ask for drinks almost as soon as we got there. All the food went into the hands of hungry people. The night was over.

We closed with prayer and a praise report! We now have a published author on our team. Steve McDaniel’s book, Bible Cheat Codes has been published as an ebook on!


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  1. timothyburns97

    Kristi gotta say you are one good cook keep up the good work

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