Over the course of the last few weeks, I have come into contact with people who have repeated the same sentiment. Mind you, they weren’t all talking about the same subject but the core message was the same: “I liked things the way they were, don’t change anything!” Whether they are resisting a new body style on their favorite vehicle or a new format of their social media, people balk at what they are not familiar with. They like to be comfortable and although there are flaws in the way things are now, making it better would mean change and therefore discomfort. We could just chalk this up to human nature and call it a day but what about when it comes to our relationship with God?

God sees us in a way that no one else is able to. He sees us as we were, as we are and as we will be. God can see that there is a better way and a better version of us. To get to that place there will be change. It will not all be easy or comfortable. It will not all look like it is leading to a good place. But I can tell you, if I’m going to follow anyone into the unknown, it will be my Father, God.

We sometimes assume that the way things were in church at a specific time, maybe when we grew up or when we first got saved, are the way that it should always remain. That somehow we as humans got it right as far as God’s intention for us to come together and worship Him. If there is change in the Praise and Worship, the appearance of the church, or a change in format, people tend to cry foul. They start in with the reasoning that the change is wrong. They continue that God doesn’t change and the church shouldn’t change either. But you cannot compare apples and oranges. As people we don’t always do things the right way. God has every right to correct His people. God has every right to change the direction of His people when they are off course. God has every right to bring His people back to life when they have become dead. God has every right to make us forget the old things and to do a new thing in His people. God’s ways bring life.

We would do well to stop resisting God.



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  1. You are so right!! i love the flowers! They are beautiful!

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