First Friday on the Fifth

This past Friday was wonderful! Let me tell you about it…When we arrived downtown, there were only a handful of people. There are always less people to feed at the first of the month. The setting up process went by quickly and before too long Jerred was praying over the food so that we could begin serving the people.

We served Ham and Beans for dinner that night. Although some people groan when they hear that we are serving beans. Those people are usually quick to turn around and rave about how good the beans are and then go around telling everyone they see about it, too.

After our live praise and worship, Jerred began to preach the message. Earlier, I mentioned that we had a smaller group than usual but let me assure you that they were a lively group! When Jerred said, “No one will be homeless in heaven!” there were cheers from the people. He then went on to explain about homelessness as it relates to the kingdom of God. For more on that look at this post:

Jerred’s core message was about the blessing that comes from obeying the Word of God where it tells us to tithe and give offerings to God. At one point in the message a man walked up to the drink table and said to a team member, “He’s talking about giving offering and these are homeless people. They don’t have money.”

Her response was simple, “It’s not all about money.”

God does not ask for what you do not have but at the same time He asks for you to give all of yourself and hold nothing back. Jerred had taught this same Word to a needy family that we know and their response was to be a doer of the Word. They gave their tithe to God. God showed up in their lives in a way that they couldn’t help but recognize. I love their praise report: “Yesterday 3 pizzas and breadstix was delivered and then someone called and told me to look in my mailbox and there was money and then last night someone gave us 4 bags of food. God is so good at taking care of us!”

When Jerred was done preaching and we had prayed with all of the people who wanted prayer. Clothes were distributed and we started to pack everything up. We headed to the convenience store.

At the convenience store we fed a steady stream of people for about 5 minutes before we pulled out and headed over to the bus station. At the bus station there were only a few people so the stop was short. But not before we made sure to offer prayer. Next we went to a bridge where we were able to give out all but four bowls of food to the most grateful men. I’m sure these guys feel invisible most of the time with cars driving past like they aren’t even there. They know we came there just for them, we weren’t just passing through. Our final stop of the night was just around the corner from the bridge.

As we closed our evening we agreed in prayer for a member of our team who has written a book and will soon have it published as an ebook on Amazon. If there is way to communicate God’s love to people, God wants to use it!


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