Relentless Love

Last Friday as we were tearing down the sound equipment, a man approached us and asked about street ministry. This man was two blocks away when he heard our music and came out of his way to see what was going on. As he spoke to us, it came out that he had been a musician who was involved with street ministry but now had fallen away from serving the Lord. I am reminded of the story of the Lost Sheep from Luke 15:4-7. When the Shepherd realizes that one of his sheep has gone astray, he leaves the ninety-nine to go out and pursue the lost one. Make no mistake, God is pursuing this man.

The love of God is an amazing thing. His love is so big it is incomprehensible to us. It often comes in ways that we don’t recognize. Ways that are vulnerable. Look at the coming of the Messiah. Isreal knew the prophecies and expected His coming. But what they expected was a warrior. The Messiah came into the world as a baby and they didn’t recognize Him.

Take a moment and realize how much God loves you. Open your eyes to the ways that He shows you His love every day. If you have seen and received the love of God then it is time for you to share the love of God with others.


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