The Events of Friday of June 28, 2013

My previous post, Wake up call, detailed some events that happened before the evening street ministry began. So now, let me tell you the rest:

Things were happening at a whirlwind pace. And although the accident was a setback, we still were able to load up the truck and head toward downtown on time. We were within five minutes of downtown when the truck stalled. We were out of fuel. Frustration. In all of the previous confusion of the day, the fuel level of the food truck was not considered. Now the worse news: the food truck is a diesel. {Running out of fuel in a diesel is tragic, I’m told. Many of them do not start again without going into the shop.} Jerred called his friend {a wonderful man of God who always has Jerred’s back} to bring us a couple gallons of diesel for the truck.

We were rescued!! Now to start the truck, Jerred cranked the engine and pumped the gas pedal. Rinse. Repeat. It wasn’t turning over so they took the engine cover off and then the breather cover. Priming it with a few drops of diesel gave us the first sounds of the engine turning over. It wasn’t too much longer before the food truck was back on the road headed towards the nearest gas station with diesel.

We finally arrived downtown over an hour late. There was a crowd of people there waiting for us! One thing we have proven over the last 9 years is that we will be there on Friday.

You can see the people waiting for us to get everything set up to serve them dinner. We pass out lemonade and water as soon as we get there and then it is just a matter of getting the sound system set up and letting the team get the food dished out inside the food truck. Jerred apologized for being late and prayed to bless the food.

Once things got started, it didn’t take long for a line of hungry people to form at the window. Jerred’s message was on the power that is in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He spoke about the honor due Him, and about not accepting counterfeits. Because of our late arrival it was getting dark by the time we packed everything up and rolled away to our next stop.

We fed three people at the convenience store while the team freshened up. Next we went to the Bus Station where a hungry man was boisterously interested to know who had cooked the food. The answer he got: the Pastor’s wife. At hearing that he made a beeline for the food truck to get a bowl of chicken stew. After feeding several people, our team was able to lead a man to the Lord and give him a Bible.

From the bus station we went to a few bridges where we fed more people and gave out clothing. It is a harsh reality to see people sleeping on the concrete.

When we left the bridges we came across a small number of people that were hungry. Some were walking somewhere when we came across them, one lady was resting under a tree a few feet from the road, and two were laying on benches.

As the night went on, we drove up to a bar and went in to let the people know that they were welcome to come out and have a bowl of food. One lady looked at the food and said, “What is that?” We told her and she thanked us and went back in the bar. A minute later she barrelled out the door of the bar, came up to the window of the truck and reached out her hand. I took her hand and she exclaimed how good the food was and then planted a kiss on the back of my hand but not without thanking us over and over again.

Our final stop was at a different bar. After the last bowl was placed in the hands of a hungry person, a woman came out of the bar and wanted prayer. She related to Jerred that she had been crying out to the Lord that very morning and she knew that God would send someone to her that day. Tanyail and Iprayed with this precious woman for healing, grace, and desire to seek God. Afterwards, I shared with her this scripture: Psalms 55:16-18 NKJV As for me, I will call upon God, and the Lord shall save me. Evening and morning and at noon I will pray, and cry aloud, and He shall hear my voice. He has redeemed my soul in peace from the battle that was against me, for there were many against me. She was utterly encouraged when we left. The ideal ending to the night!


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