Can you hear it?

Every person who is out on the streets is someone’s son or daughter. Some have brothers and sisters. Still others have children who are young or grown. Even those that we meet who claim that they have no one in the world have a Heavenly Father who loves them.

Can you hear the sobs of their loved ones? I have met parents who know that their child is on the streets. I have seen the anguish and searing pain. I know that those same parents pray fervently for their child. And God always answers those prayers. Sometimes not the way we think or we want, but He is faithful. God sends Search & Rescue out every Friday to reach some of these loved ones who have been lifted up in prayer.

It is our prayer that we never miss the divine appointments that God has for us.

I am reminded of a Twila Paris song called “Cry for the Desert.” In the song, she says she will pour her life on this terrain. In a way that is what God has called us to do. Pour ourselves out as an offering to God and in doing so reach the people. These are the precious fruit of the earth!


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